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We know you want the best for your son or daughter. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be considering an Evangel education right now!

The good news is that we want the best for your son or daughter, too. 在凯时手机版官网app, we recognize that sending your child to college is as much an event for you as it is for your student. Maybe your student will be a fourth-generation EU grad with a legacy of Evangel alums in the family – or perhaps he or she will be the first person in your family to attend college. No matter the circumstances, we know this is a big deal for you, Moms and Dads.

毫无疑问,你有疑问和担忧. 我们是来帮忙的. Please feel free to contact us any time we can be of assistance to you.


We understand that the college search and transition process is as monumental for parents as it is for students. We also know that as parents, you have unique questions and concerns. The Evangel community is here to walk you and your student through the process.

The best way to learn about Evangel is to schedule an EU 访问 and experience it for yourself, but we know that visits aren’t always practical or possible. So we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive from parents on visit days.


What measures does Evangel take to ensure the safety of students?

The number one goal for the Department of Public Safety is to ensure the safety of students, 工作人员, 教职员工和参观我们校园的人. 我们部门有14名员工, and two uniformed officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 一周7天. Our campus is well-lit with buildings located close together, which allows for a quick response time to any situation that may arise. All of our buildings are controlled by electronic lockdown, and our residence halls are locked 24-7 (only authorized personnel and the students who live in them have access via proximity access cards). We also have 100 plus security cameras strategically located around our campus, which are monitored by 工作人员 around the clock. 我们以维护一个保险箱而自豪, 低犯罪率的校园, and our highest priority is the security of your student.

读了 年度保安报告.


是的,任何学生在校园里都可以有车. 然而, it’s also helpful for parents to know that it isn’t necessary. Everything on campus is within walking distance, and our students often get together and share rides to church and other off-campus destinations. 市内公交车也定期经过校园. So students will do just fine if they do not have a car.


What if my student hasn’t decided on a major?

Many college freshmen start classes without having decided on a major, and many students will change their major at some point in their college career. College is a natural time of growth and exploration. Assure your student that it is OK to enter college without a declared major. Evangel has classes and programs designed to help students discover their strengths and calling, and faculty will work with your student to help them select a major.

What if my student is struggling academically?

The Center for Student Success (CSS) offers a wide range of services to students, 包括但不限于, 导师, 学习技巧资源, 时间管理和残疾服务. 学生 can contact the CSS at any time for help. 除了, if you feel your student needs specific help, you can contact Assistant Director of the Center for Student Success 詹妮弗•杰克逊 获取更多帮助.


While students are encouraged to share their grades with their parents, Evangel is prohibited by federal law from releasing grades to anyone other than students. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs students’ rights regarding educational records. 了解更多凯时国际app首页FERPA.


校园里有医疗服务吗? What should students do when they need to see a doctor?

Evangel’s Health Services office in the 健康 Center functions as an acute care, walk-in facility. A licensed Family Nurse Practitioner provides primary healthcare services (diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions) at no cost to students. Nominal fees are charged for immunizations, laboratory tests and some procedures. When necessary, the nurse practitioner will make referrals to a local physician.

Can my student receive mental health services on campus?

Counseling Services is a part of the 健康 Center at Evangel. Under the direction of a Christian licensed professional counselor, the counseling 工作人员 provides Christ-centered counseling on a short-term basis. Counseling assists students in developing behavioral, academic, physical and vocational maturity. The philosophy of 凯时国际app首页 Counseling Services focuses on a Christian values developmental model. This is a professional service that guards confidentiality carefully.

Our campus pastor also offers pastoral care and counseling to students.


How does Evangel approach the spiritual development of students?

We understand that your student’s spiritual development is a primary concern for you – and we share that concern. Our job at Evangel is to take over where you as parents left off at home and help our students mature in the faith that their parents and churches have instilled in them.

The integration of faith, learning, and life is paramount to all we do at Evangel. We seek to instill spiritual growth on a personal, corporate and academic level. 学生 will connect with fellow peers in the residence halls. Each floor has a devotion leader who organizes floor devotions and serves as a student chaplain for the floor. There are also corporate worship opportunities like our Chapel services, 每周举行三次, 每学期的精神强调周, and 24-Hours of Prayer and Worship events that bring our student body together for worship and spiritual growth. Finally, students will connect with Spirit-filled faculty who weave faith into all that they teach. This holistic approach to spiritual growth helps develop student’s faith at every level.

What kinds of outreach opportunities does Evangel offer?

We believe that every student is called to a life of ministry — to serve the Body of Christ regardless of occupational roles. CROSSwalk Student Ministries is an on-campus organization for student outreach and ministry. As students reach out through service to the campus, 社区, 当地教堂和其他地方, they develop skills in leadership and service.

In conjunction with the Global Connections experience in the Frameworks curriculum, every student will participate in at least one cross-cultural mission/service trip, 在美国或国外, 在毕业之前. 通过这些机会, students don’t have to wait until they graduate to start impacting the world and making an eternal difference for Christ.


Sunday services are not held on campus because we encourage students to get involved and serve in a local church. The Springfield area has many wonderful churches from which to choose, 学生们经常拼车去服务机构. The Spiritual Life office can assist in recommending a local church if your student is not sure where to go.



There are several steps in place at Evangel to proactively work toward solving roommate problems. First, students are encouraged to take any problems they may have to their residence assistant (RA). The RA is trained to coach students on how to talk to their roommates and set up new boundaries. If conflict persists after coaching from the RA, the RA and the student(s) go to the residence director (RD) for advice and new strategies. 作为最后的手段, if all strategies and new boundaries have been learned and applied to no avail, students may be moved to a different room to eliminate the problem.

Can my student stay in the residence halls during vacations?

学生 are allowed to stay in the residence halls during all breaks that fall within the academic semester. 然而, meals during breaks do not run on regular hours — and on long breaks such as Spring Break, 饭菜可能根本不供应. 学生 will be notified of the changes in meal schedules with enough time to plan accordingly.

Most students are required to leave the residence halls over Christmas break, but they are allowed to leave their items in their rooms if they are returning the following semester. There are a few exceptions for some students who live internationally. If your student has nowhere to go over Christmas, they may contact their RD for more information.

Where can my student store belongings over the summer?

All students must move entirely out of their rooms after the spring semester; those staying for summer classes must move into the residence hall being used for summer students. All belongings must be moved and stored off campus. Many students pool resources to rent space in local storage units over the summer or make arrangements with friends or family who live locally to store belongings.


As current Evangel parents, you know all about the advantages of an Evangel education. 首要的学术标准, 安全有趣的校园生活体验, and the encouraging spiritual environment are all reasons you can rest easy at night with your son or daughter away at college.

当然, there are plenty of ways for you to stay involved — and we want you to know that as parents, you play a critical role in your student’s success.

We have developed a 脸谱网 group specifically for Evangel parents and families. This is a great resource to connect with other EU families! 请在此加入:

Take advantage of the information included in the 欧盟的父母 section of this website and stay connected!